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Controlled Rate Freezers are necessary for the accurate, repeatable process of reducing temperature in accordance with a given or programmed protocol. Whilst many biological samples may be stored via mechanical freezers or freeze drying, viability for a large proportion is optimised, or ensured, by storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The process of freezing down samples using cryo protectants can be a complex one. Rate of cooling affects protectant concentration which in turn may affect the cells beings frozen. The aim of good cryo-preservation is to ensure maximum viability of samples.

Programmable freezers have:

• Class 11a Medical Device compliance options
• Horizontal or vertical freezing option
• PID engine based controllers
• Maximum temperature control and range
• Temperature accuracy using Class A Platinum Resistance Thermometers
• Independent controllers - helps safeguard operation and protocols in power outs or downs
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Kryo 360-1.7 Control Rate Freezer Kryo 560-16 Control Rate Freezer
Kryo 360-1.7
Our Price: $17,819.00
Kryo 560-16
Our Price: $19,879.00
The Kryo 360  incorporates all of the critical features expected from a high class biological freezer. The -180 ºC end temperature ensures sample integrity during transfer to storage whilst the flexibility of the system is ideal for the more complex and demanding protocols associated with the most advanced cryopreservation techniques. KRYO 560-16 115V system is specifically designed and specified for human work. The -180C to +40C temperature range allows fexibility for a wide range of applications and protocols. The -180C end temperature ensures sample integrity when transferring a sample for long term storage. The Kryo 560-16 is a fully featured tissue bank freezer for the Cryo-Preservation of bone marrow, stem cells, skin, cord blood and other critical high volume samples.
Kryo 750-30 Control Rate Freezer
Kryo 750-30
Our Price: $21,630.00
Kryo 750-30 is a unique integrated freezing system for the cryo-preservation of large volume samples or samples in large number. The easy access front opening door is closed via a 3 point closure system, offering a leak free seal which helps to prevent the door freezing closed at low temperatures; additional protection is provided by heated door seals.

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